Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tips for Desktop Google Search

Desktop Google Search1. Launch Programs and Documents: If u have a program in your start menu, Google desktop would have already indexed it. Just start typing the name of the program and it'll show up in the pop up bar. Just scroll to it and hit enter to launch the programs or documents. If you have a lot of installed programs, this is the best and easier way to choose the programs.

2. An Address bar: If you want to access the file from Network, just type the address of your file path, Google desktop can open the File.

3. File Recovery: If you mistakenly deleted a file, you able to recover from the Google Desktop Cache. You can type the file name and it will be there from the last index history.

4.Web pages Access Offline: All web pages that you make a visit are stored in the cache on your computer regardless of Internet Settings. These cached pages you can access even when you are offline.
5. Quick Search Button: You can hit Ctrl key twice to bring up the quick search box, same way you hide the search box if its covering your desktop Space. And You can filter your search only specify with file extension in this way "file name file-type:doc".
Desktop Google Search
6.Dictionary: If you want to know some words specific meaning, just enter "define:abc" where "abc" is the word you want to get meaning. And more Features like calculator, just the enter calculation directly to the search bar and hit enter. And there are Hot Keys which will enable search such as Ctrl+Q for Stock Quotes, Ctrl+P for Maps, Ctrl+F for Froogle, Ctrl+N for News, Ctrl+U for Groups, Ctrl+I for images, Ctrl+K for I'm Feeling Lucky and Ctrl+D to search only within the desktop.

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