Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Notebooks Hard Drive will soon Change to Hybrid Drives.

A new technology Notebooks will be enable with Hybrid Hard Drives, the hard drive division of the japanese electronics giant, who behind the new technology. Hitachi is planning to introduce notebooks with Hybrid hard Disk.

The main functioms include in Hybrid Hard Disk that, it will cut the battery consumption as well as encrypts the data automatically. Encryption and decryption will occur automatically as data is written and retrieved. The feature will be included on all 2.5-inch drives.

Hybrid drives works way that, Inserting flash memory into a so-called hybrid hard drive, meanwhile, cuts down on battery consumption. In a hybrid, data first gets written to flash. The drive wakes up and spins only when the flash chips get full.

The company will planning to lanuch a 2.5-inch-diameter 200GB drive that RPM(Rotation per Minute)at 7,200 and follow it up in the second half with a 2.5-inch-diameter notebook drive that will RPM at 5,400 rpm and hold about 250GB.

"A hybrid only works in a system with Vista," "For people running XP, there is no space in hybrid drives."
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