Saturday, October 21, 2006

I POD with Touch Screen

The Apple rumour mill is in overdrive again because 'news' circulates that Apple can be releasing a wide touchscreen sixth-generation iPod in December (picture is a mockup from TR).

The Trusted Reviews team have apparently been speaking on the road to a 'well informed proffessional' who works for a 'multinational company that develops iPod products as well as which support "Completed designed for iPod" accreditation'.

It every one of came about because he said that a product his company had launched would benefit hugely from a original iPod with the aim of has a screen filling ye surface area and offer higher resolution video, at least 480p (NTSC DVD standard)
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Internet Explorer 7.0 Add-Ons Feauters

Microsoft latest internet Explorer 7 is enabled for several Add-Ons feautures such as Security, time Savers, broswer Options and Entertainment. Here are some Add-Ons that I feel it will more useful to users those are purely trust only on Microsoft browser.

Now all are concerned about security issues, so this tool will help you to protect the spyware attacks.Spywall Anti Spyware will help to Browse Web securely without ever worrying about hacking and spyware. Keep your system free of resource-sucking spyware or adware. SpyWall's patent pending method can detect and remove difficult spyware (Aurora, Look2me, Qoologic, CWS) and rootkits that other products are unable to. SpyWall is a complete solution for Web security with Internet Explorer sandbox that blocks attacks encountered while browsing the Web. In an enterprise environment, the SpyWall client policies and software can be controlled from a central location and their Web browsing monitored.

Download Spywall Antispyware tool

How-ever this not free-ware feature. You can download this features for 15 days trial.

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