Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Top three Cheap laptops

Acer Aspire can be recommeded laptop has all the right ingredients. A good battery, a powerful processor, a DVD writer . It lacks some place that in terms of default memory as 256 MB of RAM. If you can spend out a bit extra and get that upgraded to 512MB .It may cost you around Rs.2000.

Dell Inspiron will recommeded in terms of more complete portable, stylish and proffessional level Laptop. Dell Inspiron 1300, with its 14.1" screen, 512 MB RAM and a decently powerful processor in the Pentium M 735, it's got the right mix of components and think of proffessional Dell service.

Compaq Presario V2655TS is that it's the lightest laptop compare to other acer and dell. The Compaq Presario V2655TS at thousand bucks lesser is the least expensive.

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