Sunday, December 03, 2006

Million Dollar Homepage Coming Back with Pixelotto

Alex Tew, master brain man behind the popular pixel advertiser Million Dollar Homepage who generated million dollars in a few months. His new pixel advertising concept where pixels were sold for 1$ each. It was huge success and he sold his last 1000 pixels on eBay for 38,000 to wrap it up.

Alex Tew's blog says that he is coming back again with Pixelotto which is schedule to go live on December 5th, 2006. This time its $2 per pixel and he is running lottery where the winner who clicks on the right pixel ad gets one million dollar. Alex has sent emails to his previous customers to reserve their pixel ad before the rush begins.
With a chance to win million dollars, visitors would be randomly clicking on ads and make advertisers happy. Pixelotto will surely repeat his previous success. He has found the right lane to success. Let wait for the Million Dollar Clicker.
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Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Rules & Methods

"Microsoft windows vista activation methods" this is the hottest search keyword in these days, people those who have pirated Vista copies, breaking the head to get the activation process and keys. Windows earlier versions like windows Xp and Windows 2000, if you use Volume license Key, windows will skip the product Activation Process. Most of the Pirated Copies were available in the market, it has the volume license key. Even there is fake VLK which able to pass the windows genuine Validation Process. Windows Xp and 2000 has been passed away, Now people wandering for Windows Vista, So Let me share you activation rules that Microsoft has been implanted in Vista Activation.

Microsoft is building in strict and punitive "protection" controls into Windows Vista and next Windows Server to ensure that consumers and business customers are properly licensed and using legal copies of Windows.

One of the Method that Microsoft Software Protection Platform, requires that all customers consumers who buy PC and business customers with volume licensing agreements activate their Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server licenses with Microsoft and prove that they have a genuine copy of Windows client or server running or face punishment.

If a retail consumer fails to active their product within 30 days of purchase, or tries to activate Vista and fails, key features of the new Windows upgrade the "Aero" user interface, Windows Defender, ReadyBoost performance enhancer, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 will be disabled.

Vista Business and Vista Enterprise -- the two editions most likely to be deployed in companies -- will use what Microsoft called "VA 2.0" for product activation. Under that program, companies will choose between two mechanisms to manage keys and activate the operating system: Key Management Service or Multiple Activation Key. The former targets shops with more than 25 machines that are always connected to the organization's network, while MAK is similar to retail activation and lets one Windows PC connected to Microsoft vouch for multiple machines. Systems activated using KMS must reactivate at least once every 180 days.

But Microsoft has to remember the "nuclear skills" of Windows product Hackers

All the Best to Microsoft
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