Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to Upgrade windows 98 to windows xp

This days most of the people were using Windows Xp. May be most of you sometimes faced this problem while you update your windows 98 to windows Xp. Here I would Like to share some tips of easy upgradation from Windows 98 to Windows Xp.

Most the time problem will occuer when windows detect and install the device drivers. Means computer will stop responding.

In this kind of Scenario you have to identify that which device is giving problem, But its not always easy to find the device to sove the issue.

Then here we have to do some advance level troubleshooting. To solve this issue you have to edit the BOOT.INI file.

Modify the Boot.ini file to include the /sos switch.

When we trying to troubleshoot startup problems with Windows XP (orWindows 2000/NT), in particular when the system hangs at reboot as in this scenario, we should use the "/SOS switch in the boot.ini startup file. This switch causes the names of drivers to be displayed as they load during boot.
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How to Install Windows Xp With Updates?

If you want to install Windows XP Professional on the Windows 2000 Professional computers with all updates, its possible. You have to copy the installation files from the Windows XP Professional CD-Rom to a network shared folder named \\FileSrv01\WinXP.

Next, you download updates from the Windows Update Web site to \\FileSrv01\XPUpdates using your ISP connetion. If you wantto use the least possible WAN bandwidth while performing the installations and if You also want downloaded updates to be applied to the computers with the least possible administrative effort, simply follow the steps. Now, you need to install Windows XP Professional and all the updates on all Windows 2000 Professional computer.

You can Run this command to insta Windows Xp with updates. Run the \\FileSrv01\WinXP\Winnt32/duprepare:\\FileSrv01\XPUpdates command. Then, run the \\FileSrv01\WinXP\Winnt32/dushare:\\FileSrv01\XPUpdates command.

The /duprepare switch prepares the downloaded update files to be used during an installation with the /dushare switch. When you run Winnt32.exe with the /DUShare switch, the Dynamic Update wizard is not displayed to the user and no attempt is made to connect to Windows Update.

And If you run this command /dudisable switch disables the dynamic update wizard but the installation will only use the original installation files without the downloaded updates.
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