Monday, September 04, 2006

What are the emerging technologies for information backup and archiving?

What are the emerging technologies for information backup and archiving?

We are seeing LTO (linear-tape open) for high-end enterprises, with drives capacity up to 14.8 terabytes, gaining momentum. Small area networks are going for VXA, which is replacing DDS technology. VXA tape drives performs better than DDS with higher capacity. As a alternative tape backup technology, VXA is data reliable, costeffective and offers inexpensive migration from DDS.
As a result of constant innovations, tape has been extraordinarily resilient in surviving challenges and remains the value-oriented IT managers’ first choice for data backup. Analysts are predicting significant growth in the number of tape storage units shipped in the next five years, including double-digit growth in tape automation products purchased.

When behemoths like HP and IBM are pushing the concept of one-stopshop IT solutions, including storage, what position is a specialised and niche company like Exabyte taking? The strategy is to get IBM and HP to sell our products. IBM is selling our VXA range of solutions for its X and P range of servers. For market penetration, we go aggressively after the value-added resellers (VAR) channel. How is the concept of disaster recovery (DR)/business continuity planning (BCP) taking shape globally?

There is tremendous desire among the enterprises for backup. Data reliability and data integrity are very important.
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