Friday, December 15, 2006

New Advanced Car Accessories

Here you can look at some cutting edge Car accessories that make your journey cooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!
Car Personal Computer
The Atlas is a car PC disguised as a double-size stereo its with a 40 GB Storage Drive and 512 MB of Memory, Atlas can run Windows Vista and Office 2007 and touch with world via Wi-Fi, check e-mail using voice command, or make a call using VOIP and a built-in microphone.
DVD Player
There is a DVD/CD player and an AM/FM tuner, and XM and Sirius satellite radio can be added.

With Panasonic's in-dash Stada CN- NVD 905 U. It uses a 30 GB hard drive to store map data and provide quick processing and You can get voice guidance in English, Spanish or French and the CN-NVD905U plays DVDs, CDs and MP3 and WMA files to keep you entertained as well as informed. It will be available in the spring of 2007.
The MK6000 is a Bluetooth accessory that’s permanently installed in a car and directs phone calls and music from a compatible device to a stereo’s speakers. Plus it will automatically synchronize its phone book with your mobile phone.

CD Receiver
The in-dash Dual XDMA690 CD receiver/media player lets you to control your iPod from its faceplate. And whereas other companies provide this feature as an extra-cost option, the XDMA690 comes with a direct-connect cable. Just plug and play.

Radio Tuner
HD Radio not only sounds much better than old analog AM and FM, but you also get artist name and song title information. And FM HD stations can also broadcast alternative, largely commercial-free formats on a “hidden” sub-frequencies. Best of all, it'’s free once you buy a tuner. But rather than replace your car radio, you can add HD to any existing stereo with the Directed Electronics's Car Connect HD tuner.
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