Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Here is some easy tips to take the backup of your mobile through Bluetooth, Even though all depends on your mobile model.

1.Install your bluetooth hardware and its drivers. Download the latest versions if necessary and Install the software provided by the mobile phone manufacturer. If you dont have a CD, you can download it fairly easily from the internet. Make sure you know the make and model number of your mobile phone to make your job easier. Switch on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and make sure that it can be seen by other devices.

2.If you are using Windows XP, click on your start menu, go to control panel, then bluetooth devices.Click on Add device and after it finishes the search, select your mobile phone.It might ask you for something called a passcode. Here, you can select any one of the options in the list. I usually prefer proceeding without a passcode. If you have selected to use a passcode, enter the same code on your mobile when asked.

3.Once this is finished, you have succesfully paired your computer and phone. Now run the mobile phone software you installed. Depending on the software, you will see options to either backup or sync your phone.
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