Friday, November 24, 2006

Top Flash Based MP3 Player Creative ZEN Nano Plus

Creative Has been launched a new Flash Based MP3 player called ZEN Nano Plus. This is the sleekest, most portable new flash player from Creative. Incredibly thin in design, it is packed with the latest features to meet all your needs. Enjoy the amazing, skip-free audio quality when you're listening to your MP3 and WMA music and its comes complete with an FM tuner, Voice recording and line-in encoding for direct connection and recording from any audio source. Directly record your music from a CD player without computers support.

The player uses a standard mini-USB port to let you sync tracks via USB 2.0. You can simply drag files to the device using whatever folder structure you like, or use Windows Media Player or Creative's MediaSource app to aid you in synching your favorite songs. Creative's familiar jog dial lets you thumb through folders and songs fairly efficiently, aided by the Zen Nano's backlit LCD display. The device supports the standard set of codecs, including MP3, WMA, and Audible.

The Zen Nano Plus has a few drawbacks. Creative's decision to power the device using a standard AAA battery is both a blessing and a curse: It's nice to be able to swap in a fresh battery without recharging, but, at a rated 18 hours per battery, you'll be racking up battery bills rather quickly if you use disposables.

ZEN Nano Plus comes in 10 fun, vibrant colors and is available in 512MB of flash memory to store up to 250 songs and 1GB of flash memory to store up to 500 songs and more features like Directly record music from any audio source with line-in,Tune in to 32 stations and record voice memos with built-in microphone, Store data files such as photos and presentations, Reversible LCD for left or right handed operation 4 Band EQ (Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock) - settings to make your music sound better, Weight: 0.8 oz without battery, Up to 18 hrs of battery life4, Signal -To-Noise Ratio: up to 90dB Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz,Harmonic Response Output: <0.1%>
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