Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home Theatre Systemes .....Update

A large part of the expo is dedicated to Home Theatre Systems (HTS), which is quite understandable given that this product category is where the big buzz is at right now. No wonder also then that major international brands are forming business alliances to offer one-point AV solutions. Prasanna Raghavan, product head of LG electronic, which has partnered with B&W and Onkyo, both international leaders in their respective segments, to offer a complete HTS systems, says, “This way we can give the customer the best deal under one roof, it works for everyone.â€ï¿½ Denon, celebrating its 100th year, has also partnered with KEF, and PRO FX in a similar fashion. The biggest attraction though have to be those 40 demo rooms, where one can sit in a plush home environment and check out what the latest plasma TVs, projectors and elaborate sound systems can do for you. It is an unforgettable experience in luxury, which even though you may not end up making a purchase, is well worth the entry fee. And besides, it is always good to know what to aspire for.
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Philosophy behind the teaching process

At a very basic level, it is based on the idea of constant interaction. A teacher is no longer involved in merely transferring information from the textbook to the student, who will later reproduce a memorised version of it during exams. Ours is an interactive process in which teachers guide the students through the various stages of the knowledge acquisition process and also motivate them to learn beyond the classroom. They analyse each child’s ability to grasp concepts. If he is found to be lagging behind, punishment is handed out — not in the traditional way, of course, but in the form of assignments: The child has to spend time in our vast library and complete an assigned project. This helps in the process of understanding and internalisation.
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Technology With Cloning

Singapore announced on Thursday it will allow what many regard as a limited form of human cloning, defying protests from a bloc of more than 50 countries that includes the US. While the health ministry said a law would be introduced next year to ban “reproductive cloning’’ that leads to the creation of a human being, officials said it will allow “therapeutic cloning’’, where human embryos can be used for research and development within the first 14 days of their creation. “The proposed new regulation of biomedical research act will strictly prohibit reproductive cloning, the creation of a human being through the application of cloning technology,’’ the ministry said in a statement.
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