Thursday, November 02, 2006

VirtualDJ: MP3 Mixer Software

VirtualDJ is the DJ software used by many big brands to remix. With this your songs will always stay on the beat, and you can work your mixes incredibly fast. The automatic seamless loop engine and the synchronized sampler will let you perform astounding remixes on the fly.

The video engine lets you mix and scratch music videos as easily as audio. You can also use a special time-code vinyl and scratch your MP3s or videos directly on a real turntable. Add to that customizable interfaces to suit both beginners and professionals; a visual beat display; an infinite number of cues; VST, freeframe and proprietary beat-synced effects; Karaoke; Internet broadcast; recording and burning; CDs, vinyls and DVDs ripping; automatic playlist mixing; DRM compatibility; headphones and external mixer modes, and compatibility with many existing DJ devices

Virtual DJ lets anyone produce filterised MP3 mixes. At the top of the graphically intense interface, song-structure visualizations show the beats as the music plays. Two simulated turntables play the currently loaded tracks. Windows below the turntables show samples, effects, music search, recording, program options, and an Explorer-style interface for loading music. You'll need to download an MP3 encoder if you don't want to record files in WAV format.

The program not only can create audio collages, but it now also can make montages of video clips. The stylish interface and high number of features score points, but learning how to use the program is a hit-or-miss proposition. Fortunately, the program offers a thorough user guide. Virtual DJ is well worth a look both for wannabe mixers and newbies.
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