Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fix Computer Problems with Mcafee Virtual Techincian

Mcafee Virtual Techincian, this is good tool to check your Antivirus update status.This is an ActiveX program, its used to check your computer and it inform you that whetheryour Antivirus software has updated or not, and it will find the available updates of runningsoftware and it takes you to updates available location.

For your info, Mcafee Virtual Technician will collect some information from your computer inorder for the program.The system information collected from your system may include information regardsing Mcafee Products, Operating System Information, browser information, physical Memory, system Architechure and physical Memory such as required to resolve the issue.Download Mcafee Virtual Technician
Click the above link and Find the Mcafee Virtual Technicain Link and Follow the Instructions. Even though to download the updates you should required Product Licence, but I can say that it will find the problems in your system and able to fix with some third parties help.
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