Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hackers for Hire

INTERNET has created many jobs which were unheard of before and ethical hacking is one of them. ‘Hacker’, an originally negative term, is used for people who break into computers for fun, revenge, or profit. So who’s an ethical hacker? “Virtual security is now major concern for organisations and governments. Many companies have began employing hacking experts who can find security loopholes, without damaging the system. These people are known as ‘Ethical Hackers’.” Successful ethical hackers possess a variety of skills.“Honesty and trust are the keywords. While testing client’s security systems, the ethical hacker has to be discreet about potential client information, which if publicised, could lead to real intruders breaking into the systems leading to financial losses for the company.” A software professional, says it’s the hacker’s job to see that the system is secure on all fronts. “An ethical hacker answers basic questions on what systems are easy targets, how can the information be misused, etc,”
But with so many former hackers getting such jobs, aren’t there incidents where the ethics are compromised and the guard becomes the thief himself ? Sanjay senior network consultant at a school training ethical hackers, feels that’s the reason one should be careful while appointing past hackers. “Just as a robber can be the best crime buster. When you have been a hacker, you know the workings of a hacker’s mind. Who better to protect the system than a hacker then?” So how do the organisations address this problem? Proffessionals thinks it is dangerous for any company to believe they have fool-proof security. “Most organisations need regular security updates.
Appointing a hacker and giving him the freedom to look for softspots, is the best way to ensure security.” It as the need of the day, and many companies are seeking hackers for pumping in their securities. “Even Bill Gates, has thrown a challenge that anyone who can hack patented software will be appointed in the company, what more proof is needed?”. The financial aspect isn’t bad either! “Any day a good hacker can fetch remuneration ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 a month as a security professional, and if you have talent.
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